Top 100 Songs of 2015 – Part 7 (#40-31)

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Songs #40-31

40. Believe, Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons third studio album, Wilder Mind is a bit of a departure from their typical folk rock style that they have become to be known for. Instead, it is more rock heavy, with an electric feel that we have not heard from them before.

Their first single off the album, “Believe,” is just what Mumford & Sons needed to prove to some of their nay-sayers who considered the band to be one-trick ponies. “Believe” proves that Mumford and Sons have perfected the folk rock sound, and are well on their way towards alternative rock dominance.

39. Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah), Andy Grammer

If any pop rock song is going to make you get up and dance, it has to be “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah).” Along with “Honey, I’m Good” and his stint on Dancing With the Stars, the track has led Andy Grammer to the most successful year of his life.

“Good To Be Alive” is about reaching success after years of struggles and let downs. Andy Grammer is known to be one of the hardest working men in the business, and an all around great guy. He always has a smile on his face, and his positive attitude is contagious. Here is to hoping he has not even begun to reach his full potential yet, and will continue to create music that fans of all ages and musical preferences can enjoy.

38. Long Way Down, Robert DeLong

Released in late 2014, “Long Way Down” blew up in 2015 and helped Robert DeLong become a significant name in the world of electronic music and alternative rock. In an interview with All Access Music, DeLong said the inspiration behind the song was “the sentiment that everyone will die, so don’t be a dick about stuff that doesn’t matter, if you don’t have to.”

If everyone lived by the wise words of DeLong, the world would be a much better place. DeLong for President 2016?

37. Wolves (You Got Me), Dreamers

“Wolves” is basically a three and a half minute lecture from your mother about choosing the people you hang around with carefully. The ridiculously catchy track centers around the refrain…

“You got me brainwashed
You got me so lost
You got me f*#@* up
Like you

And if you lie down with wolves, you’ll learn to howl….”

People are going to influence you in good ways and in bad ways, it is human nature, but if you hang around wolves, you will begin to learn how to howl, and eventually become one yourself.

Regardless of its message, it is fun as hell to sing along to and a great introduction to the band.

36. Great Big Storm, Nate Ruess

It seems that everything Nate Ruess touches turns to gold. The sophmore album for his band, Fun., “Some Nights“, has been certified Gold or Platinum in eight countries, and spawned four massive hits. He has found tremendous success in collaborating with some of the biggest names in music (i.e. P!nk and Eminem), and has now branched out on a solo career, which led to his first single, “Nothing Without Love” racing up the charts.

After just a few listens of his second track, “Great Big Storm” you will likely find it impossible to not sing along with Ruess during the refrain, which almost sounds like he started an impromptu rock concert with a native African tribe in a remote region of Kenya. As Ruess assures us, he is “holding his own, in a great big storm.” Looking forward to what Ruess has in store for 2016. Whether he does more solo work, or makes new music with Fun., it is sure to be fantastic.

35. Work This Body, Walk the Moon

Last year “Walk the Moon” had the number 2 spot on the countdown with their hit “Shut Up and Dance.” Once again, this year they released a new song just in time for the end of the year countdown with “Work This Body.” A calypso style track with enough energy to wake the dead, “Work This Body” will likely be played on radio stations across the country in 2016 until you are completely sick of it, just like its big brother, “Shut Up and Dance.” For the first six months, however, you are going to love it.

34. Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight, R5

With easy to sing vocals, and a ridiculously catchy beat, “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” is easily R5’s best effort to date. More rock than pop, it could be signifying the bands maturity and transition from pop to alternative rock. Hopefully the older they get, the more they will begin to focus more on the alternative and less on the pop, as this song is a complete gem.

33. Congregation, Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters have such a distinct sound that they have begun to be the basis of what modern rock should sound like. Not many bands can rock out as hard as Foo Fighters, and “Congregation” is proof of that. While the song is clearly an anthem, it is difficult to imagine it being anywhere near as powerful if it were performed by any other band.

Foo Fighters have the ability to make anything amazing, and their performance of “Congregation” is THE definition of Rock and Roll.


32. Ex’s and Oh’s, Elle King

Clearly the breakthrough female artist of the year, Elle King became 2015’s answer to 1995’s Alanis Morissette. “Ex’s and Oh’s” was everywhere, and Elle King basically became an overnight sensation. Growing up as the daughter of funny man Rob Schneider, Elle King must have learned from a very early age that it is not important what others think about you. She is brave, bold, and not scared to release a song about using and abusing men.

She is nominated for 2 Grammy’s at this year’s awards, including Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song, both for “Ex’s and Oh’s.” It will certainly be a challenge for her to beat out Alabama Shakes, Foo Fighters, and Florence and the machine, but if she does, expect a close up from Daddy Schneider, and a lot more of Ms. King in 2016.

31. The One, Kodaline

Wedding bells in y

our near future? Searching for that perfect first dance song? Well, search no further. “The One” by Irish rock band, Kodaline, could be the most perfect wedding song of all time. In fact, it is so perfect that it is almost nauseating.

For the third straight year Kodaline makes the end of the year countdown with a tender, yet poignant rock song that could both lull a child to sleep, as well as pump you up for a night out on the town.

Rightfully so, Kodaline is massively successful in Ireland, but in my opinion is still one of the most underrated bands in music today in the United States.