Top 100 Songs of 2017 (20-11)

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20. “The Gold” – Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra deserve a gold medal this year for coming out with what may be their best track in their 13-year history with “The Gold.”

I believed you were crazy you believed you loved me” are some of the most sing-along-worthy lyrics of the year.

No matter what is going on in your life, “The Gold” will take away your worries, and put you at ease with its laid back tone and gentleness; if only for 4 minutes and 37 seconds. Then its back to your miserable existence.

19. “Young & Wild” – The Strumbellas

Quite unlike “The Gold,” The Strumbellas track “Young & Wild” will have you up out of your seat and ready for a dance-off right from the get-go.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, The Strumbellas are the best band to come out of Canada in a very, very long time.

At the moment I can’t think of a band I would want to hang out with more than The Strumbellas, and “Young & Wild” is a perfect example of how they are so fun.

You don’t hear this too often, but good work, Canada! And to The Strumbellas….. more music please.

18. “Can We Hang On?” – Cold War Kids

Besides “Auld Lang Syne” is there a song more appropriate for New Years Eve than “Can We Hang On?” by Cold War Kids?

Vocalist Matt Willett says the song “is a hopeful love song that looks back with nostalgia on the good old days but is uncertain about the future.”

There may not be too much to look back on and love about 2017, but as long as the Cold War Kids are still making music like this, the future is looking bright for alt rock fans.

17. “Speak” – Wild Cub

In the past few months I have single handedly introduced “Speak” by Wild Cub, to no less than twenty friends, and each and every one of them instantly loved the uplifting track from the Nashville indie-pop rock band.

And for the most part, my friends wouldn’t know a good song if it slapped them in the face.

I still remember the reasons why, I remember, I remember” why I almost drove off the road the first time I hear “Speak.”

Because it was that good.

16. “In Cold Blood” – Alt-J

“In Cold Blood” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of the most unique, “out there” songs of the year, and with every listen I began to enjoy it more and more.

The last minute and a half of the song is literally just “la la la’s.” But I have to say, they may be my favorite “la la la’s” of all time. Sorry Ashley Simpson.

15. “Feel Good” – Neon Trees

Tyler Glenn just has a way about making people feel good. That is why “Feel Good” is so believable and infectious.

Most Neon Trees songs are fun, energetic, and catchy, but “Feel Good” encapsulates all three the way that only Neon Trees can.

If Glenn’s only goal is to make us feel good, he passes with flying colors. As usual.

14. “Daisy” – Goodbye June

It will only take you one listen to Goodbye June’s “Daisy” for you to fall in love with the track and started searching the band on wikipedia to see who they are.

Well, let me help, the Nashville trio has been around since 2005, and the band has been described as being “blues-infused rock with hard-driving beats, blistering guitars, and down and dirty vocals.”

“Daisy” is exactly what modern day rock with classic rock influences should sound like. I’ll tell you one thing, my Spotify playlists will not be saying “goodbye” to Goodbye June anytime soon.

13. “Painkiller” – DREAMERS

DREAMERS, the three-piece band from Manhattan, NY has gotten progressivly more impressive since their debut single “Wolves (You Got Me,)” which made the countdown back in 2015 (#37.)

“Painkiller” is loud, fast, and will get you through that part of your run when you feel like you can’t possibly run any longer.

DREAMERS are beginning to make a solid name for themselves in the alt rock world, and seem to be getting more and more confident in their ability to make tracks that all-out rock.

12. “Middle Fingers” – MISSIO

If anybody out there knows of a way to not sing along and actually sticking up your middle fingers in the air while driving down the highway, please let me know. Because no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to not get caught by someone driving next to me as I am sticking my middle fingers in the air and screaming along to the catchy track about not giving an F.

The message MISSIO is trying to deliver, however, may surprise you. In an interview with Billboard the band says “[It’s] definitely based toward an ‘eff this situation’ mode, but the message is about finding the problem you struggle with, and lifting your middle finger with other people.”

So take that, everyone on the road that thinks I am just flipping the bird to you… I am actually on a mission to create solidarity and peace… So F Off and stop giving me dirty looks.

11. “Edge of Town” – Middle Kids

Perhaps the wa

rmest welcome to a foreign band this year goes to Sydney Australia’s Middle Kids. Their track “Edge of Town” has a tempo change that is so gradual that when they explode at the end of the track, I feel as though my head is going to explode right along with them.

This is the first and only track I have heard from Middle Kids, but as the new year begins, I will make it a mission to make up for lost time, and get to know the Australian band that I had no idea I was missing out on until now.


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Top 100 Songs of 2017 (100-91)

To any music fan, the best part about the end of every year is not holidays, vacations, or time spent with family and loved ones: it is the end of the year music countdowns. This year, to commemorate the 8th year of Ryan’s Countdown’s “Best Songs of the Year”  there will once again be a Top 100 Songs of 2017 Countdown.

Top 100 Songs of 2016 Countdown
Top 100 Songs of 2015 Countdown

Each list of 10 songs will be released every few days throughout the month of December, until the reveal of the #1 Song of 2017.

While the majority of the Top 100 Songs of the Year are all rock based, there is still a wide array of sub-genres represented in this years countdown. The list is littered with alt-rock songs, including indie rock and folk rock. There is, however, also a significant showing of pop-rock, country-rock, hard rock, and even a dusting of electric rock songs.

Certainly the lines of what is considered “Rock” may be blurred, but each of these listener friendly songs, were either released in 2017, or released in 2016, but gained notoriety in 2017.

Please feel free to chime in (comments section) and let me know whether or not you agree with my well thought out, carefully selected, and correct choices. Enjoy the countdown, and Happy Holidays!


100. “Live in the Moment” – Portugal. The Man

“Live in the Moment,” the latest single from Portugal. The Man’s eighth studio album, Woodstock is a rock sing-along that is sure to get the party started, and a reminder that life is short, so make the best of the time that you have.

99. “Hideaway” – Dan Owen

“Hideaway,” the soulful, bluesy rock track from up and coming UK artist, Dan Owen, has enough passion and grit to fill an arena the size of Rhode Island. Expect big things from this guy in 2018.

98. “Suit And Jacket” – Judah and the Lion

“Suit and Jacket” is about wanting to live life to the fullest despite time going by and everyone getting older. “We can not control the time we die, but we can control what we do with the time here,” says Judah.

Who hasn’t wished time would slow the hell down and ease up on us every now and then?

97. “Down” – Marian Hill

Despite teetering on the verge of being overplayed for a few months in the spring, I am still very much down-da-da-down-da-da-down with this catchy as hell track from the Philadelphia duo.

96. “The Way You Used To Do” – Queens of the Stone Age

I’m pretty sure the makers of Guitar Hero are giddy with excitement every time Queens of the Stone Age release a new hit. I’m not sure if Guitar Hero is still a thing, but if it is, when the next version is released you can fully expect to spend countless hours trying to get past the guitar solo of this song before throwing your plastic guitar into your flatscreen TV and giving up on life altogether.

95. “Slow Hands” – Niall Horan

Since when has Marvin Gaye become a blonde haired, blue eyed, British twenty-something?

It seems as though One Direction was very good to the young lads in the UK boy band, especially when it came to teaching them how to write the most sensual songs since “Let’s Get It On.”

94. “She Said” – Sundara Karma

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what this song is about. It kind of hurts my brain to even think about it. I am picking up on some “Somebody told me you had a boyfriend, who looks like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year” vibes from The Killers. And comparing anything to The Killers is about the highest musical compliment I know how to give.

93. “War” – Good Charlotte

Just in case you may have thought that the killer track “Makeshift Love” was a fluke back in 2015, Good Charlotte gave us a swift kick to the balls this year and reminded us that they still haven’t gone anywhere. “War” is proof that the Madden brothers have grown up, but still know how to rock out just as hard as they used to.

92. “Everything Now” – Arcade Fire

I totally understand that “Everything Now” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t think I have ever disliked anything as much as this Spin contributor hates this entire album.

For me, I find “Everything Now” nearly impossible to not sing along with. It is fun, upbeat, and a perfectly enjoyable song to listen to while driving down the highway with the top rolled down. Also, its damn near impossible to mess up on the lyrics for like 85% of the song, so sing along in confidence, my friends.

91. “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea” – MISSIO

As if just the thought of the bottom of the deep blue sea isn’t creepy enough for you, MISSIO made sure that you would have nightmares after watching their horrifying video for the dark, bone-chilling follow up to their breakout hit “Middle Fingers.”

Showing a completely different side than the catchy “Middle Fingers,” MISSIO has proven this year that they are not a one-tick pony. They are a band to keep your eyes and ears on in 2018.


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