Top 100 Songs of 2017 (10-1)

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10. “Spill” – Plts

The fact that “Spill” by Byron Bay, AUS band Plts isn’t a massive radio hit here in the States is a tragedy. “Spill” is a pop-rock beast that will continue to linger in your mind until you hear it again.

I am not sure what Australia has been putting in their water over there,  but the Aussies killed it in the alt rock world this year. Plts, get to the States ASAP and “Spill” some of that water over here.

Plts has set the bar real high for themselves, and I can not wait to see what they have in store in 2018.

9. “One Night Only” – The Struts

From the first five words, there is no denying that “One Night Only” is The Struts. Lead singer, Luke Spiller has one of, if not the most distinguishable voice in rock today, and The Struts are in a league of their own in the fact that everything they release is damn near perfection.

“One Night Only,” like all Struts songs is meant to be played loud and is an example of why they are the best modern day glam rock that you will find anywhere in the world.

8. “The Sky is a Neighborhood” – Foo Fighters

Not only is Dave Grohl a living legend in rock and roll, and a lyrical genius, but he also dabbles in astronomy as well. He wrote “The Sky is a Neighborhood” after watching a Neil DeGrasse Tyson video called “The Most Astounding Fact.” (below)

“The Sky is a Neighborhood is loud, angry, and as perfect as just about everything else the Foo Fighters have been doing for the past 24 years.

7. “Run For Cover” – The Killers

“Run For Cover” was originally written by The Killers back in 2008 for consideration to be included on their third studio album, Day & Age. 

I guess the problem with being as talented as Brandon Flowers is that when you are such an amazing lyricist, you can’t include all of your songs on your album.

But, after 9 long years in limbo, The Killers finally debuted the song on June 10th at their show at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Speaking from first hand experience of being in the front row, it was as amazing as you would imagine.

The older and more mature Flowers and the guys in The Killers get, the more they solidify themselves as kings of post 2000 alt rock, and the standard which all others have to live up to.

6. “Hiccups” – WATERS

“All of my mistakes
All my heartbreaks
I got no regrets
This time, ’cause
All of my fuck-ups
All of my hiccups
Only brought me to you”

“Hiccups” was one of the first songs I heard in 2017 and halfway through the first listen, I said out loud, to myself, “well, I know what my favorite song of 2017 is going to be.”

While it didn’t quite make my number one song of the year, it did make the top six, and was easily one of my favorite songs of 2017 from beginning to end.

So next time you have a hiccup or fuck up royally, have no regrets, because it very well may lead you to something better. So go ahead, and fuck up as much as you want in 2018.

5. “I Miss Those Days” – Bleachers

The song of the year to sum up your college experience, “I Miss Those Days,” is about once upon a time being lost, but realizing that maybe it wasn’t such a bad time.

With the best use of horns in a rock song in years, The Bleachers have topped themselves with “I Miss Those Days,” as it is their best, most entertaining track in the bands three year history.

4. “Someone To You” – BANNERS

“Shine a Light” put Liverpool native BANNERS on the map back in 2015, but “Someone To You” has solidified him as a force to be reckoned with in the alt rock world.

“Someone To You” is a perfect blend of laid back, meaningful lyrics, and a big, last minute chorus that will knock your socks off.

BANNERS will hopefully be “somebody to us” for many years to come. Someone that delivers tracks as great as “Someone To You” again and again.

3. “Numbers” – J. Roddy Walston & The Business

“Numbers,” about loving and hating someone at the same time, may be the most relatable of 2017.

We all know that those that you love the most are also the ones that you can’t stand the most. Couple that with the ridiculously fun chorus and the fast, upbeat tempo, “Numbers” is one of the most memorable songs of 2017 that has not received a fraction of the attention and recognition it deserves.

2. “Seattle Rain” – 888

The biggest mystery to me of 2017 is how the hell “Seattle Rain” was not a massive radio hit.

The Denver, CO band’s shamefully underrated hit “Seattle Rain” is their most catchy, radio-friendly track to date, but for some reason, the track failed to make it big on the airwaves.

So listen now to the best song of 2017 that you didn’t have the privilege of hearing.

1. “The Man” – The Killers

The irony isn’t lost on me of the fact that “The Man” from Vegas legends, The Killers, is about a cocky man that believes he is the shit, and is his own big

gest fan. The irony comes with the the fact that Brandon Flowers is indeed, the coolest man alive. (I have done countless hours worth of research to confirm this fact.)

“The Man” is rock, pop, funk, soul, new wave, glam rock, disco rock and pure perfection. I would expect nothing else from the greatest Las Vegas band of all time, and the best alt rock band of the 2000’s. What we have known for years is now official, “Mr. Brightside” is now officially, “The Man.”


Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a happy, healthy 2018.

Rock On!

Top 100 Songs of 2017 (30-21)

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30. “Baby, I’m Broken” – The Record Company

“Baby, I’m Broken” is a blend of soul, blues and good ole’ rock and roll. There is nobody like The Record Company on the radio today, which is a tragedy, yes, but also a recognition of how original and unique they are.

The band is from LA, but if you close your eyes while listening to “Baby, I’m Broken” you would swear you were in Nashville or New Orleans (minus the smell of dried vomit on Bourbon Street, of course.)

29. “Let’s Hurt Tonight” – OneRepublic

We can all agree that Ryan Tedder is one of the best songwriters of our time, right? This guy has written hundreds of songs for the biggest names in music, including, but not limited to…

U2, Adele, Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Westlife, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Big Time Rush, Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis, Zedd, Hailee Steinfeld and MØ. (wikipedia did that research, not me.)

What. The. Hell?

It’s amazing to think that this guy has anything left to write for OneRepublic. But he does, and “Let’s Hurt Tonight” is proof that there is still plenty of material in that magnificent, unbelievably creative brain of his.

28. “Beautiful Trauma” – P!nk

Not only is P!nk the greatest female rocker since Janis Joplin, but she is also one of the most talented musicians, and performers,male or female around today. “Beautiful Trauma” is the second track off her seventh studio album, also titled Beautiful Trauma. 

When P!nk was asked about the reasoning behind the title, she responded with just about the most P!nk’ish answer you can imagine… “life is f*cking traumatic. But it’s also incredibly beautiful, too. There’s a lot of beauty still and beautiful souls.”

Whether or not the song is your cup of tea, you should watch the hysterical music video, as it is one of the best videos of the year and features Channing Tatum as P!nk’s 1950’s husband.

27. “Sorry” – Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves has absolutely nothing to be “Sorry” about in 2017, as they released their best music to date.

“Sorry is about getting older and the difficulties associated with it. It’s about looking inwards and facing your demons. The song hinges around a flawed individual who can’t hold down a relationship, both to the detriment of themselves and their partner” says Thieves guitarist Joe Langridge-Brown.

Just about every living human being has either been “the flawed individual” or the partner of the “flawed individual” at some point in their lives. More than likely the “flawed individual” because let’s face it, everyone is a mess.

26. “Seeing Blind” – Niall Horan (feat. Marren Morris)

The award for best duet of 2017 goes to Niall Horan’s “Seeing Blind,” which features “My Church” singer, Marren Morris.

The duo performed the folk-pop track live at the CMA Awards back in November, and if the two ridiculously good looking, fun loving artists won’t be a couple, the least they can do is start a band together and give us more sensational tracks like “Seeing Blind.”

25. “Lost On
You” – LP

Laura Pergolizzi, who goes by the stage name LP, is a singer-songwriter from Long Island, NY that somehow found success overseas before in the States. In fact, thanks much in part to Europe, at one point “Lost on You” was the fourth most Shazamed song in the world.

LP has been successful in her own right for many years, however, as she has penned songs for artists including Cher, Backstreet Boys, Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera. (wikipedia)

“Lost On You” is about the breakdown of her and an ex-girlfriend, and it is one of the most passionate, heartfelt songs of the year.

(Despite it being released back in 2015, it didn’t become a hit in the US until this year.)

24. “Lay It On Me” – Vance Joy

Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy laid it on us hard this year with his hit “Lay It On Me.”

With his gentle voice, and sincere lyrics, Vance Joy is the Australian John Mayer (if John mayer was a sweet and genuine guy that is.) “Lay It On Me” is his best track since 2013’s “Riptide” and a great sign that his upcoming album, Nation of Two (which is slated to be released in February of 2018) will be a ripper (that means “really good” in Australian talk, FYI.)

23. “The Line” – Foo Fighters

Add “The Line” to the list of epic tracks from the Foo Fighters. “The Line” was the third track released from their ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold, and it is filled to the brim with Foo brilliance.

Dave Grohl is arguably the greatest rock star in decades and just seems to be getting better and better, and cooler and cooler with age.

When asked about the meaning behind the sing, Grohl says it is about “a search for hope in this day and age where you feel as if you’re fighting for your life with every passing moment, and everything is on the line.”

I am not sure about having much “hope” for our messed up world these days, but thanks to the Foo Fighters and Grohl I continue to have hope for the future of rock and roll.

22. “Particles” – Nothing But Thieves

“Particles,” though not as big of a radio hit as Nothing But Thieves other 2017 song, “Sorry,” is even more brilliant than its sister track.

The song takes us on a roller-coaster of emotions, and just when you think the it is over, Thieves drop back in with even more energy and gusto than ever. From 4:11 to 4:26 may be the most dramatic part of any song in 2017.

I got nothing but love for Nothing But Thieves in 2017.

21. “Miss You” – Louis Tomlinson

Not to be outdone by his former bandmates, Niall, Liam and Harry, Louis Tomlinson couldn’t let the year end without getting in on the solo action. And it looks like all that extra time and effort paid off, because “Miss You” is one of the hottest tracks of the year.

“Miss You” is about realizing that maybe being single isn’t all that great and maybe you miss that ex of yours way more than you ever thought you would.

If we have learned anything about the One Direction boys this year, it is that Louis is by far the most fun of the bunch and the one everyone should choose to go out for a night of drinking with, if given the choice.

It’s a Tuesday night, Tomlinson has glazed over eyes and is debating one more pint or five before he realizes that “it doesn’t even matter anyway.”

Then he is dancing on tables.

Then he is signing out of tune until last call.

Then, in quite possibly my favorite line of the year, Tomlinson decides…

“When I feel it coming up I just throw that shit away
Get another two shots cause it doesn’t matter anyway (sung of course in the most amazingly brilliant and coolest British accent I think I have ever heard.)

Congrats Louis, you win the OneDirection solo act battle this year. Hopefully you miss a lot more people in 2018 so you can give the world most gems like “Miss You.”


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Top 100 Songs of 2015 – Part 7 (#40-31)

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Songs #40-31

40. Believe, Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons third studio album, Wilder Mind is a bit of a departure from their typical folk rock style that they have become to be known for. Instead, it is more rock heavy, with an electric feel that we have not heard from them before.

Their first single off the album, “Believe,” is just what Mumford & Sons needed to prove to some of their nay-sayers who considered the band to be one-trick ponies. “Believe” proves that Mumford and Sons have perfected the folk rock sound, and are well on their way towards alternative rock dominance.

39. Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah), Andy Grammer

If any pop rock song is going to make you get up and dance, it has to be “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah).” Along with “Honey, I’m Good” and his stint on Dancing With the Stars, the track has led Andy Grammer to the most successful year of his life.

“Good To Be Alive” is about reaching success after years of struggles and let downs. Andy Grammer is known to be one of the hardest working men in the business, and an all around great guy. He always has a smile on his face, and his positive attitude is contagious. Here is to hoping he has not even begun to reach his full potential yet, and will continue to create music that fans of all ages and musical preferences can enjoy.

38. Long Way Down, Robert DeLong

Released in late 2014, “Long Way Down” blew up in 2015 and helped Robert DeLong become a significant name in the world of electronic music and alternative rock. In an interview with All Access Music, DeLong said the inspiration behind the song was “the sentiment that everyone will die, so don’t be a dick about stuff that doesn’t matter, if you don’t have to.”

If everyone lived by the wise words of DeLong, the world would be a much better place. DeLong for President 2016?

37. Wolves (You Got Me), Dreamers

“Wolves” is basically a three and a half minute lecture from your mother about choosing the people you hang around with carefully. The ridiculously catchy track centers around the refrain…

“You got me brainwashed
You got me so lost
You got me f*#@* up
Like you

And if you lie down with wolves, you’ll learn to howl….”

People are going to influence you in good ways and in bad ways, it is human nature, but if you hang around wolves, you will begin to learn how to howl, and eventually become one yourself.

Regardless of its message, it is fun as hell to sing along to and a great introduction to the band.

36. Great Big Storm, Nate Ruess

It seems that everything Nate Ruess touches turns to gold. The sophmore album for his band, Fun., “Some Nights“, has been certified Gold or Platinum in eight countries, and spawned four massive hits. He has found tremendous success in collaborating with some of the biggest names in music (i.e. P!nk and Eminem), and has now branched out on a solo career, which led to his first single, “Nothing Without Love” racing up the charts.

After just a few listens of his second track, “Great Big Storm” you will likely find it impossible to not sing along with Ruess during the refrain, which almost sounds like he started an impromptu rock concert with a native African tribe in a remote region of Kenya. As Ruess assures us, he is “holding his own, in a great big storm.” Looking forward to what Ruess has in store for 2016. Whether he does more solo work, or makes new music with Fun., it is sure to be fantastic.

35. Work This Body, Walk the Moon

Last year “Walk the Moon” had the number 2 spot on the countdown with their hit “Shut Up and Dance.” Once again, this year they released a new song just in time for the end of the year countdown with “Work This Body.” A calypso style track with enough energy to wake the dead, “Work This Body” will likely be played on radio stations across the country in 2016 until you are completely sick of it, just like its big brother, “Shut Up and Dance.” For the first six months, however, you are going to love it.

34. Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight, R5

With easy to sing vocals, and a ridiculously catchy beat, “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” is easily R5’s best effort to date. More rock than pop, it could be signifying the bands maturity and transition from pop to alternative rock. Hopefully the older they get, the more they will begin to focus more on the alternative and less on the pop, as this song is a complete gem.

33. Congregation, Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters have such a distinct sound that they have begun to be the basis of what modern rock should sound like. Not many bands can rock out as hard as Foo Fighters, and “Congregation” is proof of that. While the song is clearly an anthem, it is difficult to imagine it being anywhere near as powerful if it were performed by any other band.

Foo Fighters have the ability to make anything amazing, and their performance of “Congregation” is THE definition of Rock and Roll.


32. Ex’s and Oh’s, Elle King

Clearly the breakthrough female artist of the year, Elle King became 2015’s answer to 1995’s Alanis Morissette. “Ex’s and Oh’s” was everywhere, and Elle King basically became an overnight sensation. Growing up as the daughter of funny man Rob Schneider, Elle King must have learned from a very early age that it is not important what others think about you. She is brave, bold, and not scared to release a song about using and abusing men.

She is nominated for 2 Grammy’s at this year’s awards, including Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song, both for “Ex’s and Oh’s.” It will certainly be a challenge for her to beat out Alabama Shakes, Foo Fighters, and Florence and the machine, but if she does, expect a close up from Daddy Schneider, and a lot more of Ms. King in 2016.

31. The One, Kodaline

Wedding bells in your near future? Searching for that perfect first dance song? Well, search no further. “The One” by Irish rock band, Kodaline, could be the most perfect wedding song of all time. In fact, it is so perfect that it is almost nauseating.

For the third straight year Kodaline makes the end of the year countdown with a tender, yet poignant rock song that could both lull a child to sleep, as well as pump you up for a night out on the town.

Rightfully so, Kodaline is massively successful in Ireland, but in my opinion is still one of the most underrated bands in music today in the United States.