BIG BROTHER 18: SECOND CHANCE – Which Houseguests Should Make The Cut?

With less than a month to go before the premiere of Big Brother 18, rumors are beginning to circulate about who will be moving into the Big Brother house this summer. Will it be all returnees? All Newbies? Or some sort of combination of the two?

My guess, we will have two more seasons of newbies, which will set us up for the most epic season of Big Brother ever; Big Brother 20:Winners. By season 20, we should have enough interesting winning houseguests to create a dream cast that will pit all (or most, sorry Adam) of the winners against each other, to see who will reign supreme as the Greatest Big Brother Player of All Time.

Another possible, and maybe more realistic option, season 18 will be Big Brother: Second Chances. This will give the producers one more chance to have their favorite houseguests (that have never won the game) be a part of their epic 20th season of winners.

One issue that casting has been running into with All Stars, is the common availability times of their “must-return winners.” No Big Brother: All-Stars would be complete without Dan, Derrick, Jun, Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Hayden M, Rachel, etc.

So, if the producers give them all two years notice, and inform them that Big Brother 20 will be a winners season, with a $1 million prize, their golden children will have an ample amount of time to clear their schedules for the summer of 2018.

That leaves us with the question of who will get their second chance to become a Big Brother champion? The following, are the 18 guys, ranked in order of least to most deserving to get their second chance.

* Sticking to the rules put in place by Survivor: Second Chances, the houseguests that have played the game ONLY once, and never won, will be invited to be a part of the Big Brother: Second Chance cast.

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12. Jason

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One of last season’s more memorable houseguests, Jason Roy is one of the biggest Big Brother superfans to have ever played the game. Unfortunately for Jason, he just missed out on making the jury. During his stay in the house, Jason either won HoH or was a nominee every week, which means he didn’t fly under the radar, and actually had an impact on the house dynamics.

Jason was not afraid to cause controversy, or stand up for himself or his friends in the house. If he had the opportunity to play again, it would be interesting to see if he would be more successful if he didn’t have such a big mouth, and was able to bite his tongue.

If he could fly under the radar and make the jury, Jason is social enough, and a good enough competitor to make it to the end. Once there, Jason would be able to use his massive amount of BB knowledge to sway the jury to give him the win.

11. Crazy James, BB9

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Big Brother 9 is the red headed step-child of the franchise, as it was quickly thrown together due to the writer’s strike, and the only season to have aired in the winter. For the most part, the cast was completely forgettable, and considering the season’s winner used his prize money to start an illegal drug ring, didn’t pay his taxes on his prize money, and was sentenced to 4 years in prison, it is unlikely he will ever be appearing on BB again.

But what about the season’s most memorable houseguest, Crazy James? Technically James already received his “second chance”, as he was evicted from the house in week 4, only to return back to the house the same night of his eviction. While he went on to win an impressive 3 POV’s in a row, he was evicted again just a few weeks later and became the fourth member of the jury.

Crazy James, who is easily one of the most eccentric houseguests the show has ever casted, is now 8 years older than he was in 2008. Maybe he would use his second chance as an opportunity to win the game and make some money, rather than use it as an excuse to have a 3 month party. It would also be interesting to see how a batch of “semi-normal” houseguests, would react to Crazy James, rather than the complete lunatics that were on season his season.


10. Judd, BB15

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Was Judd so loved by America because they had literally nobody else to root for in season 15? Or would Judd be as likable and popular if he was on a season that wasn’t littered with controversial, universally hated houseguests?

Judd was a solid game player, and has the ability to fly under the radar and be likable enough that he could easily win a second chance season if given the opportunity. If Big Brother: Second Chance does happen, you can fully expect another summer of Judd and his wildly popular, hideous bear shirt to have a ticket to the show.

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9. Russell, BB11

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Russell was one of the most explosive houseguests to ever play Big Brother. He had intense confrontations with multiple houseguests, including fan favorites Jeff and Jordan, and the even more explosive Chima, who was later expelled from the house.

Russell played a good game for the first few weeks, until he started arguing with his roommates and finding himself in the center of all the house drama.

If Russell can contain his temper, and control his outburts, he could do very well in a second chance season. And if he can’t, well, at least he would deliver on the entertainment value, and supply us with some amazingly good technotronic-type brawls.

8. Memphis, BB10

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Memphis Garrett is the only finalist in 17 seasons that has received zero votes to win the game. Typically, that would be enough of a reason to say that he wouldn’t deserve a second chance. But, if you take into consideration that he was against Dan, who many consider to be the best to have ever played the game, then it is easy to build a case for Memphis to return.

Also, due to the fact that he received zero votes, maybe he will come into the house with a completely different strategy, and instead of riding coattails, maybe he will win some HoH’s and be forced to make some big moves. One thing is for sure, if he plays again, he would be sure to avoid making the same mistake he made the first time, and be sure to sit next to someone he has a chance of getting votes against in the final 2.

7. Frankie, BB16

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Hate him or hate him, there is no deny

ing that Frankie Grande was a major part of Big Brother 16, and it is inevitable that he will be moving back into the BB house at some point in the future.

A second chance season needs to be filled with entertaining, competitive houseguests that viewers will either be rooting hard for or against. As much as the majority of Big Brother fans would be perfectly fine with never seeing Frankie return to the house, once they think about the possibility of watching him be the first person evicted, all of a sudden, his return seems much more tolerable, and perhaps even exciting.


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