Top 100 Songs of 2017 (10-1)

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10. “Spill” – Plts

The fact that “Spill” by Byron Bay, AUS band Plts isn’t a massive radio hit here in the States is a tragedy. “Spill” is a pop-rock beast that will continue to linger in your mind until you hear it again.

I am not sure what Australia has been putting in their water over there,  but the Aussies killed it in the alt rock world this year. Plts, get to the States ASAP and “Spill” some of that water over here.

Plts has set the bar real high for themselves, and I can not wait to see what they have in store in 2018.

9. “One Night Only” – The Struts

From the first five words, there is no denying that “One Night Only” is The Struts. Lead singer, Luke Spiller has one of, if not the most distinguishable voice in rock today, and The Struts are in a league of their own in the fact that everything they release is damn near perfection.

“One Night Only,” like all Struts songs is meant to be played loud and is an example of why they are the best modern day glam rock that you will find anywhere in the world.

8. “The Sky is a Neighborhood” – Foo Fighters

Not only is Dave Grohl a living legend in rock and roll, and a lyrical genius, but he also dabbles in astronomy as well. He wrote “The Sky is a Neighborhood” after watching a Neil DeGrasse Tyson video called “The Most Astounding Fact.” (below)

“The Sky is a Neighborhood is loud, angry, and as perfect as just about everything else the Foo Fighters have been doing for the past 24 years.

7. “Run For Cover” – The Killers

“Run For Cover” was originally written by The Killers back in 2008 for consideration to be included on their third studio album, Day & Age. 

I guess the problem with being as talented as Brandon Flowers is that when you are such an amazing lyricist, you can’t include all of your songs on your album.

But, after 9 long years in limbo, The Killers finally debuted the song on June 10th at their show at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Speaking from first hand experience of being in the front row, it was as amazing as you would imagine.

The older and more mature Flowers and the guys in The Killers get, the more they solidify themselves as kings of post 2000 alt rock, and the standard which all others have to live up to.

6. “Hiccups” – WATERS

“All of my mistakes
All my heartbreaks
I got no regrets
This time, ’cause
All of my fuck-ups
All of my hiccups
Only brought me to you”

“Hiccups” was one of the first songs I heard in 2017 and halfway through the first listen, I said out loud, to myself, “well, I know what my favorite song of 2017 is going to be.”

While it didn’t quite make my number one song of the year, it did make the top six, and was easily one of my favorite songs of 2017 from beginning to end.

So next time you have a hiccup or fuck up royally, have no regrets, because it very well may lead you to something better. So go ahead, and fuck up as much as you want in 2018.

5. “I Miss Those Days” – Bleachers

The song of the year to sum up your college experience, “I Miss Those Days,” is about once upon a time being lost, but realizing that maybe it wasn’t such a bad time.

With the best use of horns in a rock song in years, The Bleachers have topped themselves with “I Miss Those Days,” as it is their best, most entertaining track in the bands three year history.

4. “Someone To You” – BANNERS

“Shine a Light” put Liverpool native BANNERS on the map back in 2015, but “Someone To You” has solidified him as a force to be reckoned with in the alt rock world.

“Someone To You” is a perfect blend of laid back, meaningful lyrics, and a big, last minute chorus that will knock your socks off.

BANNERS will hopefully be “somebody to us” for many years to come. Someone that delivers tracks as great as “Someone To You” again and again.

3. “Numbers” – J. Roddy Walston & The Business

“Numbers,” about loving and hating someone at the same time, may be the most relatable of 2017.

We all know that those that you love the most are also the ones that you can’t stand the most. Couple that with the ridiculously fun chorus and the fast, upbeat tempo, “Numbers” is one of the most memorable songs of 2017 that has not received a fraction of the attention and recognition it deserves.

2. “Seattle Rain” – 888

The biggest mystery to me of 2017 is how the hell “Seattle Rain” was not a massive radio hit.

The Denver, CO band’s shamefully underrated hit “Seattle Rain” is their most catchy, radio-friendly track to date, but for some reason, the track failed to make it big on the airwaves.

So listen now to the best song of 2017 that you didn’t have the privilege of hearing.

1. “The Man” – The Killers

The irony isn’t lost on me of the fact that “The Man” from Vegas legends, The Killers, is about a cocky man that believes he is the shit, and is his own big

gest fan. The irony comes with the the fact that Brandon Flowers is indeed, the coolest man alive. (I have done countless hours worth of research to confirm this fact.)

“The Man” is rock, pop, funk, soul, new wave, glam rock, disco rock and pure perfection. I would expect nothing else from the greatest Las Vegas band of all time, and the best alt rock band of the 2000’s. What we have known for years is now official, “Mr. Brightside” is now officially, “The Man.”


Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a happy, healthy 2018.

Rock On!

Top 100 Songs of 2015 Part 2 (90-81)

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90. State of My Head, Shinedown

After a brief hiatus, Shinedown is back and as intimidating as ever (see above video.) While they seem to be having a bit of a difficult time finding the radio success of their earlier work, Shinedown’s latest album Threat to Survival is packed with radio friendly hits like “State of My Head.”

Some hardcore Shinedown fans are a bit put off by the band “going soft,” as they have been known as one of the more successful hard rock bands to emerge in the past ten years. But for the majority of Shinedown fans, “State of My Head,” as well as a handful of other tracks on Threat to Survival confirm that their favorite hard rock band is still capable of releasing catchy, adrenaline pumping rock music.

89. Kick the Dust Up, Luke Bryan

“Kick the Dust Up” is another instant classic party song from Luke Bryan. If “Kick the Dust Up” doesn’t make you wish that you lived in the mid-west where you had corn fields easily accessible to you, than I don’t know what will.

The song focuses on the awfulness of going to a crowded bar, waiting in long lines, having no personal space, and paying way too much for a drink. Why would any country-folk put themselves through that if they could go out in the fields and have their own party? I don’t know about you, but I have already begun searching for flights to Nebraska for a relocation.

88. The Next Storm, Frank Turner

“The Next Storm” is the first single off Frank Turner’s sixth studio album, Positive Songs for Negative People. If you are saying to yourself “SIXTH ALBUM? I’ve never heard of this guy,” then you have been missing out on some brilliant music. Might I strongly recommend starting with “The Way I Tend To Be” and going from there.

When asked about the inspiration of “The Next Storm” Turner says…

“Emerging from a storm shelter to find that, while the tornado destroyed the town, you and your family survived, the sun is out, and you can start rebuilding.”

Frank Turner is rock, folk and punk all tied together and blended beautifully. Throw in his past experience as the lead vocalist of the post-hardcore band Million Dead, and you have a recipe for success. Turner continues to write relevant, inspiring music that is effortless to enjoy.

87. I Was Me, Imagine Dragons

“I Was Me” is no ordinary Imagine Dragons mega-hit. It is a charity single that the band wrote for the One4 Project with all proceeds going to the UN Refugee Agency to support fleeing refugees in the Middle East.

The guys in Imagine Dragons continue to use their fame to make positive changes in the world. First they created the Tyler Robinson Foundation to raise money for young people battling cancer, then they release this beautiful track to help fleeing refugees, and just a few weeks ago they helped Miss Piggy by appearing on her talk show on ABC’s “The Muppets.” These guys are full-on, modern day Mother Teresa’s.

86. I Feel Love (Every Million), The Dead Weather

Supergroup The Dead Weather is composed of members from The Raconteurs, Queens of the Stone Age, The Kills, and other successful bands. While the most notable member of the band is Jack White, it is lead singer Alison Mosshart that makes “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” instantly unforgettable. The track, however, should come with a warni

ng tag cautioning listeners that they may experience sudden outbursts of rage.

Not many other bands in music today can compare to the uniqueness of The Dead Weather. “I Feel Love” is angry, jaded, and meant to be played at maximum volume: a true rock and roll gem.

85. Up Up Up, Waters

Unlike the previous song, “Up Up Up” is an upbeat pop-rock track that will improve your mood rather than darken your mood such as the aforementioned “I Feel Love”.

Formed in Oslo, Norway back in 2011, Waters have recently found success in the States and have the potential to tear up the alt rock charts in 2016. While “Up Up Up” barely got any radio play, the band clearly has the ability to produce radio friendly music. After just one listen, Waters will have you singing up up up up up up up up up a storm.

84. Uma Thurman, Fall Out Boy

“Uma Thurman” left people scratching their heads more than any other song this year. Is it even about Uma Thurman? Is it about Pulp Fiction? Is that the theme from The Munsters?

Regardless of what the song is about, it is incredibly catchy and impossible to get out of your head.

83. Do You Wanna Get High?, Weezer

Despite the fact that Weezer currently has no record label, and there are no plans for a new album, the band released two songs last month. And “Do You Wanna Get High?” is classic Weezer.

Rivers recently admitted that the song is about a former girlfriend that he had around 2000. This was also the same time that he was hanging out with Fred Durst quite often. Anyone that hung around Fred Durst “quite often” in 2000 and is still alive to write songs about it deserves the utmost respect and recognition.

82. Run, Coin

The fact that the video for Coin’s “Run” does not come with a DO NOT TRY ANY OF THIS AT HOME warning is mind boggling. But other than that, these hooligans, who refer to themselves as “products of the 90’s” are the real deal.

After recording their debut album in Nashville, Coin released this track, “Run” as their first single. In a March 26, 2015 interview with Billboard Coin describes the song as..

“‘Run’ is the story of our post-teenage [and] pre-adulthood ambition: the freedom of moving out of our parents’ house, the angsty idea of ‘anti 9-5,’ and the possibility, although unlikely, of attaining success.”

What twenty year old will not consider “Run” perhaps the most relatable song of the year?

81. High Dive, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Last year Andrew McMahon re-introduced himself to alt rock fans with the wildly popular “Cecilia and the Satellite,” a tribute to his daughter. McMahon, the former lead singer of the bands Something Corporate, and Jack’s Mannequin, followed up “Cecilia” with this year’s “High Dive.”

“High Dive” is a “what if?” scenario about his relationship with his wife. Unlike his first single, “High Dive” is a pop-rock track that will make you want to dance. McMahon has proven that he can be a stand alone artist, and just as successful as he was when he had the support of his bands. Hopefully McMahon has a few more family members that he can write some killer songs about.

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