Top 100 Songs Of 2016 (Part 10) Songs 10-1


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10. “Ain’t No Man” – The Avett Brothers

The first release off The Avett Brother’s ninth studio album, True Sadness, was the soulful sing along, “Ain’t No Man.”

Bassist Bob Crawford told Consequence of Sound that “Ain’t No Man,”… there is a higher level to it. I’m trying to avoid the word ‘religion’ and ‘spiritual,’ but there is something about finding your place in the universe, or being able to put your finger on where you sit in this life, whatever your religion is or your worldview is.”

Regardless of how you interpret the song there is no denying that it is fun as hell and one of the Avett Brother’s most catchy songs in their extensive, and impressive catalogue.

9. “Pride” – American Authors

American Authors scored a top 10 spot on last year’s “Top 100 Songs of 2015” with their hit “Go Big Or Go Home”, and the boys from Boston have followed that up this year with their ultra fast paced, “Pride.”

I’ve had a few moments of pride in 2016, but learning the tongue twisting chorus to the American Author’s single has to be near the top of the list.

The first time I heard the song, I knew that I would not let myself sleep until I was able to sing along flawlessly. To this day, I still give a little fist pump each time I nail the vocals. It may have taken my entire commute to and from work, but I accomplished my goal, and nobody can never, ever, ever, never, ever, take away my pride.

8. “Roll Up” – Fitz and the Tantrums

Fitz and the Tantrums burst onto the scene in 2010 with their debut studio album, Pickin’ Up the Pieces, and I’m convinced that they have not taken a day off since. Not only have they released two additional incredible albums, but each track they release continues to be better than the previous one.

“Roll Up” is arguably Fitz’s best effort to date, and has enough energy “rolled up” into three minutes and thirty-eight seconds to get even the most miserable buzz kill you know to start tapping his feet and pumping his fists.

7. “Talk Too Much” – COIN

“Talk Too Much,” about one’s inability to leave it unsaid, was the first track that Nashville rock band, COIN wrote for their still unreleased sophomore album. “The song came easier than any other song I’ve ever written,” says lead singer, Chase Lawrence.

If “Talks Too Much,” is any indication of how good the new album will be, 2017 will be the biggest year yet for the Nashville foursome.


6. “Put Your Money On Me” – The Struts

If The Struts next album is a fraction as good as Everybody Wants, their debut studio album, they will solidify themselves as one of the best new bands in the past 20 years. With last year’s “Kiss This” and “Could’ve Been Me,” combined with this years “Only Just A Call Away,” and “Put Your Money On Me,” they have proven they are a massive force to be reckoned with.

“Put Your Money On Me” is 80’s, 90’s and modern alt rock all rolled up into one song that is as addictive as the band themselves. If I were a gambling man, which I am, I will put all of my money on The Struts to be releasing gems like this for a very long time to come.


5. “Cleopatra” – The Lumineers

Recently the Lumineers revealed on Facebook the real story behind their summer hit, “Cleopatra.”

“It’s inspired by a true story about a female taxi driver who, when was younger, was proposed to. But her father had just passed away, so she didn’t give her boyfriend an answer. So he left the village broken-hearted and rejected, and never returned again. He was her great love and she wouldn’t wash the footprints off the floor after he left.”

If that doesn’t make you appreciate the song than you need to check your pulse. Paired with their massive radio and chart topping hit, “Ophelia,” The Lumineers are cruising into 2017 after accomplishing their most successful year yet.

4. “Supermassive Automatic” – Kick the Robot

I can’t exactly recall how, when, or where I heard this song for the first time, but I am forever grateful that I did. “Supermassive Automatic” by the Atlanta trio, “arena garage rock” band, Kick the Robot, is badass.

It is the definition of rock and roll, and far and away the most underrated song of the year. The fact that this song isn’t the most requested song on every major radio rock station in the country, is nothing short of a travesty.

Of the 50+ people I have personally sat down and forced to listen to this song, every single one of them (fans of all types of genres) were thoroughly impressed. I implore you to spend the next four minutes rocking out to this track. The last minute and five seconds is without question the best ending of any rock song this year, or in recent memory.

3. “I Need Never Get Old” – Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats

Nathaniel Rateliff burst into the spotlight last year with his hit “S.O.B.” And this year, not only did he continue to stay in the spotlight, he shone even brighter.

“I Need Never Get Old” is a song that everyone can relate to no matter what age you are. I recently had the pleasure of seeing Rateliff and the band in concert, and their performance of this song was one of the most electric performances I have ever seen in my many years of concert going. Every ounce of all of their bodies are performing, and their energy is as contagious as the black plague.

Additionally, their appearance on Late Night Jimmy Fallon is in the top 5 late night performances I ever recall seeing. I dare you to watch it and not get the chills.

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2. “You and Me” – The Hunna

If you have not caught onto The Hunna train yet, you better hop on now before you’re left in the dust. The four piece band from London had a breakout year in the States much in part to the wildly addicting “You and Me.” I am not exactly sure that the hell a hunna tree is, but my mission in 2017 is to find one and smoke underneath it.

“You and Me” is meant to be played in an arena, and after this year The Hunna is well on their way to being able to fill that arena with adorning fans. Their other US release, “Bonfire” was amazing, but “You and Me” is easily one of the most memorable songs of 2016.

1. “Spirits” – The Strumbellas

I’m certain that I could just attach the video, and no words would be necessary for why this is the song of the year. If you’ve heard this track already, you know how catchy it is, if you have not heard it yet… what the hell were you doing with your life in 2016?

The Strumbellas, formed in 2008, are from Ontario, Canada, and made up of a six piece band. After 8 years, they have struck radio gold with “Spirits.” The inspiring song that reminds you to live your life to the fullest, will have you in deep thought about whether or not you are enjoying life as much as you should be.

“….And I don’t want a never-ending life
I just

want to be alive, while i’m here.

And I, don’t want to see another night
lost inside of our own life, while i’m here.”

With the success of “We Don’t Know,” “Shovels & Dirt,” and specifically “Spirits,” it is undeniable that 2016 was the year of The Strumbellas.


Top 10 Playlist

Top 100 Songs of 2016 Playlist 100-1

7 Songs You Need to Hear Right Now (June 15 2016)

In what is clearly the most eclectic 7 songs to have ever been compiled on Ryan’s Countdown’s “Songs You Need to Hear Right Now”, the following seven songs will satisfy music fans of all genres. The countdown represents a remarkable 7 different genres; Alt Rock, Folk Rock, Electronic, Pop Punk, Indie Pop, Country, and Metal.

I know what you’re thinking…… I hate “Metal”, or “I despise country music.” Or maybe even, “what the hell is Electronic and Indie Pop.” But, all I can say is that if you “hate” metal, the metal song on the countdown could quite possibly be your favorite metal song of all time. Same goes with electronic, country, etc.

Point being, it would be very difficult to DISLIKE any one of these songs, even if you are strongly opposed to the musical genre to which they belong. Think of them all as a gateway drug to broadening your musical horizons.


7. Cassidy, Brett Dennen (Folk Pop)

Just in time for lounging around the pool on a hot summer day, Brett Dennen released his sixth studio album, Por Favor just last month. “Cassidy”, is the classic easy listening, laid back track that Brett Dennen is known for.

Unfortunately we are not able to spend all day, every day laying by the pool and sipping on Piña Coladas, but thankfully Brett Dennen is around to help us get through the shitty life moments when we are not doing such. “Cassidy” is the musical equivalent of day drinking on a blow up raft in the warm summer sun and without a care in the world. The way life should be.


6. Happy Pills, Weathers (Alt Rock)

Quite possibly the happiest song about being sad since Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life”, the jolly track about ones decent into crystal meth addiction, “Happy Pills” will almost certainly brighten up your most dreary, depressing days. Weathers, the young rock quartet from LA perfectly summarizes the continuously rising trend of taking “happy pills” to deal with your problems.

Not only will you find yourself singing along to the catchy chorus…

I take my pills and I’m happy all the time, I’m happy all the time, I’m happy all the time…”

But you will also find it impossible to not sing along with the “LA LA LA LA LA LA’s” even more enthusiastically than the Smurfs do after yet another victorious encounter with their rival Gargamel.


5. Sing Me To Sleep, Alan Walker (Electronic)

Norwegian electronic dance producer, Alan Walker, is just 18 years old and already has proven he is a force to be reckoned with in the genre. His latest track, “Sing Me to Sleep”, features Iselin Solheim, a Norwegian singer-songwriter who is also just 18 years old.

Solheim’s soothing vocals and Walker’s catchy, up tempo beat, blend beautifully together to create a radio friendly, electronic dance track that even non EDM fans can get behind.


4. What the Hell Did I Say, Dierks Bentley (Country)

The all too relatable, “What the Hell Did I Say”, is Dierks Bentley’s second video in his 4-part series about a pair of secret lovers. After Bentley’s 2014 super hit, “Drunk On a Plane”, he became one of the biggest names in country music due to the fact that the song resonated to fans of all genres, because, you know, who doesn’t like to get drunk on a plane?

What could possibly be a follow up to the lovable, drunk plane passenger’s journey, “What the Hell Did I Say”, tells a story about drunk dialing, and the regrets one may feel upon waking up in the morning after a night of heavy drinking.

Just a much a pop-rock song as it is a country song, Bentley has a knack releasing tracks that are catchy as hell, and make you forget the fact that you have claimed that you have hated country music since you were an adolescent.


3. Rabbit Hole, Blink 182

Blink 182’s second album in the last 13 years is just weeks away from being available to the public, and from the two tracks that have already been released, it seems as though the album will not disappoint longtime fans.

“Rabbit Hole”, the second track from the bands upcoming album, California is everything one would have expected 2016 Blink 182 to sound like if you imagined their future sound back in 1999. Swap out lyrics about sex, nudity, drinking, and poo, and replace them with more adult issues, such as learning from your mistakes, and relationship woes, and Blink 182 is still the same band they were back in their heyday.

While the band may have lost guitarist, Tom DeLong, his replacement, Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba doesn’t miss a beat, and is a welcome addition to modern day Blink. It may be too early to tell, but California certainly has the potential to put Blink 182 back in the spotlight and pro

ve all the naysayers wrong that thought 182’s days were numbered.
2. Let It Burn, Volbert (Metal)

If you’re like most people, simply the thought of metal music scares the hell out of you. And a Danish, Heavy Metal band… forget it, that is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

But fear not, Volbeat is here to take everything you thought you knew about metal music, and drop it on its head. “Let It Burn”, the new track off the bands sixth studio album, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie is a metal track that even your grandmother could rock out to. The catchy vocal melody, and inspiring lyrics, coupled with a killer guitar solo, combine to deliver what may very well be your favorite “metal” song since “Mama, I’m Coming Home”, you know, the only other “metal song” you have ever liked in your life.


1. Roll Up, Fitz and the Tantrums (Indie Rock)

Fitz and the Tantrums burst onto the scene in 2010 with their debut studio album, Pickin’ Up the Pieces, and I am convinced that they have not taken a day off since. Not only have they released two additional incredible albums, but each track they release continues to be better than the previous one.

“Roll Up” is arguably Fitz’s best effort to date, and has enough energy “rolled up” into three minutes and thirty eight seconds to get even the most miserable buzz kill you know to start tapping his feet and pumping his fists.