Top Ten Tips For Completing Disney’s Monorail Pub Crawl

For a detailed breakdown of Disney’s Monorail Pub Crawl and to help you figure out what route is best for you, click here.

Top 10 Tips For Completing Your Monorail Pub Crawl

(photo by Ryan’s Countdowns)


Tip #10

Do not let your kids be an excuse for not partaking in the pub crawl. Just about all the stops are kid friendly, and clearly, nobody has to drive. Many of the stops even have kid’s menus. Maybe they can do their own crawl with a different non-alcoholic drink at each stop. What better way to bond with your under aged children than go on a Disney Pub Crawl with them?

Tip #9

If time is a factor, ask for a plastic cup and bring your drink on the monorail to the next stop. Or walk with it as you make your way to the next stop at the resort you are at.

Tip #8

Vary your drinks. If you are drinking martinis and wine all day/night, if will get pretty rough. Do not be afraid to try a local beer every once in a while. On the other hand, if you drink beer, try switching it up and ordering a specialty cocktail at some stops. That “beer before liqueur” saying is just a myth, anyway. You’ll be fine.

Tip #7

Ask for the bartender’s speciality or the signature drink at each of the bars.

Tip #6

Be respectful. This is Disney World after all. If you can not enjoy some drinks without getting loud, screaming, swearing like a sailor, getting sick, passing out, taking off your clothes, etc. maybe the Monorail Pub Crawl is not for you. Nobody in Disney World wants to have their vacation ruined by foolish, drunk people. Not even foolish drunk people.

Tip #5

Instead of a heavy sit down dinner, try sharing an app or two at each of the resorts. That will keep some food in your system, and prevent you from getting too full and ruining your chances of finishing the crawl. I recommend having apps at “Wave,” “Trader Sam’s,” and “Cítricos.”

Tip #4

Trade off buying drinks at each stop. To save time, and to avoid driving your bartenders crazy, take turns paying for the tab. Splitting checks is a pain, and if it can be avoided, do it. The prices for drinks are roughly the same at each stop, so it all should work out in the end.

Tip #3

Talk to strangers. Make friends at each stop. Sitting at the bar is a easy way to do this. After all, people are probably sick of their travel companions by now. They will be looking for anyone else to talk with. Mention you are doing the Monorail Pub Crawl, and odds are you’ll find people that are doing the same thing. Compare notes and get their advice on where to go next. And direct them to for their very own guide to the Monorail Pub Crawl.

Tip #2

Drink only one drink per stop. This is the saddest rule, I know. But no matter how badly you want to stay somewhere, or have one more drink with your new friends, you need to move on. You will probably like the next stop better, and make even cooler friends. After all, you are getting more and more loose, and your inhibitions are quickly going out the window. We even went back to some favorite stops a few nights later and stayed for longer periods of time.

Tip #1

Try doing the crawl on a night that the Magic Kingdom has extended hours. We did Magic Kingdom for a few hours in the morning and used a f

ew of our fast passes. Around lunch time we started the crawl (yes, we drank our lunch, don’t judge.) When we ended the crawl around 9pm we had two more hours to finish the rides we didn’t visit earlier. There were no lines and the temperature was perfect. The evening was much cooler than the mid day heat, had much less children and much fewer wait times. Plus Space Mountain after a pub crawl makes the ride infinitely better.


Comment below with any questions you may have about the crawl. And make sure you come back after your trip and let us know about your Monorail Pub Crawl adventures.