Top 100 Songs of 2017 (20-11)

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20. “The Gold” – Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra deserve a gold medal this year for coming out with what may be their best track in their 13-year history with “The Gold.”

I believed you were crazy you believed you loved me” are some of the most sing-along-worthy lyrics of the year.

No matter what is going on in your life, “The Gold” will take away your worries, and put you at ease with its laid back tone and gentleness; if only for 4 minutes and 37 seconds. Then its back to your miserable existence.

19. “Young & Wild” – The Strumbellas

Quite unlike “The Gold,” The Strumbellas track “Young & Wild” will have you up out of your seat and ready for a dance-off right from the get-go.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, The Strumbellas are the best band to come out of Canada in a very, very long time.

At the moment I can’t think of a band I would want to hang out with more than The Strumbellas, and “Young & Wild” is a perfect example of how they are so fun.

You don’t hear this too often, but good work, Canada! And to The Strumbellas….. more music please.

18. “Can We Hang On?” – Cold War Kids

Besides “Auld Lang Syne” is there a song more appropriate for New Years Eve than “Can We Hang On?” by Cold War Kids?

Vocalist Matt Willett says the song “is a hopeful love song that looks back with nostalgia on the good old days but is uncertain about the future.”

There may not be too much to look back on and love about 2017, but as long as the Cold War Kids are still making music like this, the future is looking bright for alt rock fans.

17. “Speak” – Wild Cub

In the past few months I have single handedly introduced “Speak” by Wild Cub, to no less than twenty friends, and each and every one of them instantly loved the uplifting track from the Nashville indie-pop rock band.

And for the most part, my friends wouldn’t know a good song if it slapped them in the face.

I still remember the reasons why, I remember, I remember” why I almost drove off the road the first time I hear “Speak.”

Because it was that good.

16. “In Cold Blood” – Alt-J

“In Cold Blood” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of the most unique, “out there” songs of the year, and with every listen I began to enjoy it more and more.

The last minute and a half of the song is literally just “la la la’s.” But I have to say, they may be my favorite “la la la’s” of all time. Sorry Ashley Simpson.

15. “Feel Good” – Neon Trees

Tyler Glenn just has a way about making people feel good. That is why “Feel Good” is so believable and infectious.

Most Neon Trees songs are fun, energetic, and catchy, but “Feel Good” encapsulates all three the way that only Neon Trees can.

If Glenn’s only goal is to make us feel good, he passes with flying colors. As usual.

14. “Daisy” – Goodbye June

It will only take you one listen to Goodbye June’s “Daisy” for you to fall in love with the track and started searching the band on wikipedia to see who they are.

Well, let me help, the Nashville trio has been around since 2005, and the band has been described as being “blues-infused rock with hard-driving beats, blistering guitars, and down and dirty vocals.”

“Daisy” is exactly what modern day rock with classic rock influences should sound like. I’ll tell you one thing, my Spotify playlists will not be saying “goodbye” to Goodbye June anytime soon.

13. “Painkiller” – DREAMERS

DREAMERS, the three-piece band from Manhattan, NY has gotten progressivly more impressive since their debut single “Wolves (You Got Me,)” which made the countdown back in 2015 (#37.)

“Painkiller” is loud, fast, and will get you through that part of your run when you feel like you can’t possibly run any longer.

DREAMERS are beginning to make a solid name for themselves in the alt rock world, and seem to be getting more and more confident in their ability to make tracks that all-out rock.

12. “Middle Fingers” – MISSIO

If anybody out there knows of a way to not sing along and actually sticking up your middle fingers in the air while driving down the highway, please let me know. Because no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to not get caught by someone driving next to me as I am sticking my middle fingers in the air and screaming along to the catchy track about not giving an F.

The message MISSIO is trying to deliver, however, may surprise you. In an interview with Billboard the band says “[It’s] definitely based toward an ‘eff this situation’ mode, but the message is about finding the problem you struggle with, and lifting your middle finger with other people.”

So take that, everyone on the road that thinks I am just flipping the bird to you… I am actually on a mission to create solidarity and peace… So F Off and stop giving me dirty looks.

11. “Edge of Town” – Middle Kids

Perhaps the wa

rmest welcome to a foreign band this year goes to Sydney Australia’s Middle Kids. Their track “Edge of Town” has a tempo change that is so gradual that when they explode at the end of the track, I feel as though my head is going to explode right along with them.

This is the first and only track I have heard from Middle Kids, but as the new year begins, I will make it a mission to make up for lost time, and get to know the Australian band that I had no idea I was missing out on until now.


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Top 100 Songs of 2016 (Part 5) #60-51


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60. “Spinning” – Grouplove

“Spinning,” off Grouplove’s third studio album, Big Mess is “kind of like a push and pull dialogue. It’s a song about overcoming struggle” the band told iHeartRadio. Grouplove has used male-female back and forth storytelling previously, but have perfected the art with “Spinning.”

“Say here I stand
I was broken, now I’m brave
Say here I am
Found my colours in the grey”

The songs relatable lyrics combined with beautiful vocals help solidify Grouplove’s place in modern mainstream rock.

59. “East Coast Girl” – Butch Walker

From spoken verses to a fist-pumping chorus, “East Coast Girl” is arguably the best track yet from what Rolling Stone magazine calls “one of America’s Best Singer-Songwriters,” Butch Walker.

Butch Walker is one of the music industries hardest working men, as he not only performs and produces his own music, but has written/produced hit after hit for some of the biggest names in the industry.

“East Coast Girl” is a story about Walker’s move to LA and the inevitability of getting older. Walker told Rolling Stone…

“I don’t know if there is a category for people that write songs [about midlife crisis] but i’ll probably be the spokesperson for helping guys get through their mid-life.”

Walker, lead singer of the 90’s band Marvelous 3, which produced the massive hit, “Flavor of the Week,” has proven time and time again that he is anything but the flavor of the week, and one of the most talented all-around musicians of the time.

58. “Lemonade” – Adam Friedman (feat. Mike Posner)

Co-written with Mike Posner, “Lemonade,” by Adam Friedman is about the search for love and the hope that there is still somebody for you out there.

“California, you’re my last hope/Give me someone I can take home/And, I don’t how much longer that I can wait/So make her 5’5″, big brown eyes and sweet like lemonade” sings Friedman as he desperately pleads with the universe to help him in his search for love.

Released around the same time as Beyonce’s hit album, Lemonade, Friedman welcomed the attention with open arms a

s he told People’s Choice, “It’s actually kind of nice because Lemonade was trending on Twitter. If one person discovered [my version of “Lemonade”] because they were looking for Lemonade by Beyoncé, and they happened to stumble upon it, I think that’s a win for us.”

And just like lemonade the song is fun, addicting, and meant to be enjoyed while kicking back and relaxing.

57. “Woman Woman” – AWOLNATION

Front-runner for video of the year, “Woman Woman” by AWOLNATION is about being comfortable in your own skin, man or woman. The video is simple, but genius. It shows a group of fully naked woman of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities singing along with the song and preforming it as a band.

If you can watch this video and not want to rock out along with the ladies, you better check your pulse. Because you are probably dead.

56. “Everybody We Know Does” – Chase Rice

Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of country music, “Everybody We Know Does,” by Chase Rice is an anthem for anyone that considers themselves a hard worker. Simply put, it is a song about working hard and playing even harder.

Fun fact: In the seven years of “Top Songs of the Year,” Chase Rice has more songs included than any other artist. “Everybody We Know Does” is Rice’s tenth song in seven years to make the cut on a very rock heavy countdown.

Regarding this song in particular, I am not sure if “everybody I knows does” like it, but I know for damn sure that everybody I know should.

55. “Move” – Saint Motel

The best use of horns this year goes to the first track off of Saint Motel’s latest album, saintmotelevision, “Move.”

With a dynamic dance pop beat and an impossible to not sing along with chorus, “Move” is one of the most contagious songs of 2016. The only drawback is that I already hear “got to get up/got to get up/MOVE” about 9 times a day from my Fitbit telling me how inactive I am. I don’t need to be scolded by my music too.

54. “Sweet Disaster” – DREAMERS

“Sweet Disaster” by DREAMERS is presumably about the feeling you get when you know you are heading into a wild and crazy night. “Sweet Disaster” is a must-have on any playlist for bachelor or bachelorette parties heading to NYC or Vegas for the weekend.

“And so it goes/ we found our sweet disaster/ In a river of champagne/ Swimmin’ through the morning after/ We float away.”

2016 was anything but a sweet disaster for “Dreamers” as they are continuing to make a name for themselves in the alt rock world.

53. “Waste A Moment” – Kings Of Leon

What I would personally say is easily their best track in years, Kings of Leon’s “Waste a Moment” is proof that the band still has what it takes to produce radio hits and killer rock tracks.

The band told EW back in August that they are “in the best place they’ve ever been.” On the first track off their seventh studio album, Walls,  the band begs listeners to step away from the daily grind and enjoy life, or as they call it, “waste a moment.”

Hopefully now that the band is in the “best place they have ever been” they will not waste a single moment to get back in the studio and work on creating more gems like this track.

52. “Nothing Personal” – Night Riots

This song rocks. Hard. That’s all I have to say about that. Sorry, Night Riots. Nothing personal.

51. “All We Ever Knew” – The Head and the Heart

“All We Ever Knew” is folk-rock band The Head and the Heart’s biggest radio hit to date and their highest charting single so far. The song is about trying your hardest to mend a relationship that you know isn’t going to work out.

The band told that “Everyone’s gone through a relationship where things didn’t work out… you try it again and it doesn’t work out. “That feeling of ‘Why are we doing this to ourselves? We know it’s not going to work out. We’ve tried it before. Just let it go.”

The Head and the Heart have secured themselves as leaders in modern day American folk-rock, and with their success of “All We Ever Knew,” they are only further distancing themselves from the rest.

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Top 100 Songs of 2015 – Part 7 (#40-31)

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Songs #40-31

40. Believe, Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons third studio album, Wilder Mind is a bit of a departure from their typical folk rock style that they have become to be known for. Instead, it is more rock heavy, with an electric feel that we have not heard from them before.

Their first single off the album, “Believe,” is just what Mumford & Sons needed to prove to some of their nay-sayers who considered the band to be one-trick ponies. “Believe” proves that Mumford and Sons have perfected the folk rock sound, and are well on their way towards alternative rock dominance.

39. Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah), Andy Grammer

If any pop rock song is going to make you get up and dance, it has to be “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah).” Along with “Honey, I’m Good” and his stint on Dancing With the Stars, the track has led Andy Grammer to the most successful year of his life.

“Good To Be Alive” is about reaching success after years of struggles and let downs. Andy Grammer is known to be one of the hardest working men in the business, and an all around great guy. He always has a smile on his face, and his positive attitude is contagious. Here is to hoping he has not even begun to reach his full potential yet, and will continue to create music that fans of all ages and musical preferences can enjoy.

38. Long Way Down, Robert DeLong

Released in late 2014, “Long Way Down” blew up in 2015 and helped Robert DeLong become a significant name in the world of electronic music and alternative rock. In an interview with All Access Music, DeLong said the inspiration behind the song was “the sentiment that everyone will die, so don’t be a dick about stuff that doesn’t matter, if you don’t have to.”

If everyone lived by the wise words of DeLong, the world would be a much better place. DeLong for President 2016?

37. Wolves (You Got Me), Dreamers

“Wolves” is basically a three and a half minute lecture from your mother about choosing the people you hang around with carefully. The ridiculously catchy track centers around the refrain…

“You got me brainwashed
You got me so lost
You got me f*#@* up
Like you

And if you lie down with wolves, you’ll learn to howl….”

People are going to influence you in good ways and in bad ways, it is human nature, but if you hang around wolves, you will begin to learn how to howl, and eventually become one yourself.

Regardless of its message, it is fun as hell to sing along to and a great introduction to the band.

36. Great Big Storm, Nate Ruess

It seems that everything Nate Ruess touches turns to gold. The sophmore album for his band, Fun., “Some Nights“, has been certified Gold or Platinum in eight countries, and spawned four massive hits. He has found tremendous success in collaborating with some of the biggest names in music (i.e. P!nk and Eminem), and has now branched out on a solo career, which led to his first single, “Nothing Without Love” racing up the charts.

After just a few listens of his second track, “Great Big Storm” you will likely find it impossible to not sing along with Ruess during the refrain, which almost sounds like he started an impromptu rock concert with a native African tribe in a remote region of Kenya. As Ruess assures us, he is “holding his own, in a great big storm.” Looking forward to what Ruess has in store for 2016. Whether he does more solo work, or makes new music with Fun., it is sure to be fantastic.

35. Work This Body, Walk the Moon

Last year “Walk the Moon” had the number 2 spot on the countdown with their hit “Shut Up and Dance.” Once again, this year they released a new song just in time for the end of the year countdown with “Work This Body.” A calypso style track with enough energy to wake the dead, “Work This Body” will likely be played on radio stations across the country in 2016 until you are completely sick of it, just like its big brother, “Shut Up and Dance.” For the first six months, however, you are going to love it.

34. Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight, R5

With easy to sing vocals, and a ridiculously catchy beat, “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” is easily R5’s best effort to date. More rock than pop, it could be signifying the bands maturity and transition from pop to alternative rock. Hopefully the older they get, the more they will begin to focus more on the alternative and less on the pop, as this song is a complete gem.

33. Congregation, Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters have such a distinct sound that they have begun to be the basis of what modern rock should sound like. Not many bands can rock out as hard as Foo Fighters, and “Congregation” is proof of that. While the song is clearly an anthem, it is difficult to imagine it being anywhere near as powerful if it were performed by any other band.

Foo Fighters have the ability to make anything amazing, and their performance of “Congregation” is THE definition of Rock and Roll.


32. Ex’s and Oh’s, Elle King

Clearly the breakthrough female artist of the year, Elle King became 2015’s answer to 1995’s Alanis Morissette. “Ex’s and Oh’s” was everywhere, and Elle King basically became an overnight sensation. Growing up as the daughter of funny man Rob Schneider, Elle King must have learned from a very early age that it is not important what others think about you. She is brave, bold, and not scared to release a song about using and abusing men.

She is nominated for 2 Grammy’s at this year’s awards, including Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song, both for “Ex’s and Oh’s.” It will certainly be a challenge for her to beat out Alabama Shakes, Foo Fighters, and Florence and the machine, but if she does, expect a close up from Daddy Schneider, and a lot more of Ms. King in 2016.

31. The One, Kodaline

Wedding bells in your near future? Searching for that perfect first dance song? Well, search no further. “The One” by Irish rock band, Kodaline, could be the most perfect wedding song of all time. In fact, it is so perfect that it is almost nauseating.

For the third straight year Kodaline makes the end of the year countdown with a tender, yet poignant rock song that could both lull a child to sleep, as well as pump you up for a night out on the town.

Rightfully so, Kodaline is massively successful in Ireland, but in my opinion is still one of the most underrated bands in music today in the United States.