Getting to Know the New Band “Three Times Distilled”

What happens when you take five days, four bottles of Jameson, three talented musicians, (two complete strangers), and one badass producer? Well, if you are anything like the new band Three Times Distilled, then what happens is pure magic.

Formed on a whim by guitarist Joey Michel who knew the other band members, drummer, Spencer Wolford and Vocalist, Tyler Seton, as well as producer, Tira Neal, from completely different stages of his life, Three Times Distilled could have been just an easy excuse to party in a cabin for a week, but their results speak for themselves.

After all agreeing to meet in Colorado to see what happens after Michels’ called them each individually and told them to “trust him,” they all combined their musical talents and formed one cohesive unit. In five short days the guys not only recorded four tracks and a music video, but also hired a videographer to film a short documentary of the band meeting, recording, and capture the birth of their band.

Their first track, “I Had A Real Good Lover,” a combination of classic rock meets Nathaniel Rateliffe with a dash of John Mayer, the track will appeal not only to classic rock lovers, modern rock lovers, or pop rock lovers, but to music lovers in general.

After fully funding the project themselves, Three Times Distilled spent fifty hours in the studio last May trying to synthesize each other’s musical direction and understanding. Since then, the band has been putting the finishing touches on their creation, which includes everything from deciding on a band name, to mastering their first EP.

Speaking of the name Three Times Distilled, Michels says they decided on the name over multiple bottles of Jameson. Just as Jameson is three times distilled to extract the purity of the alcohol, the band Three Times Distilled focuses on making pure music without the gimmicks.

This past Tuesday the band released their second single, an epic, passionate rendition of “Use Me”, a cover of Bill Withers’ 1972 chart-topping soul hit. Give it a listen below and hear for yourself what three guys did in five days. Then imagine what they would sound like with five months in a studio.

With minimal equipment, time, and plan of action, Three Times Distilled has proven they have what it takes to compete in the business, and are here to stay.

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