Big Brother 18 Power Rankings (Pre Season)

After months of speculation, rumors of an All Star season, or possibility of a Second Chance season, and dramatic cast reveal delays that really got some fans fired up, the Big Brother 18 cast has been revealed. Well… most of them, anyway.

12 new houseguests will move into the house this week, and due to the fact that season 18 will be the longest season to date, it is safe to assume that more houseguests will be added to the mix on premiere night. If rumors are true, 4 past houseguests will join the 12 newbies, and a 16 person cast will make a full house.

Yesterday, the 12 new houseguests had their pre-season interview with Big Brother Golden Boy, Jeff Schroeider, and one thing is for sure, this season is not lacking diversity. The only lack of diversity in the cast is the fact that ALL of the ladies are brunettes. I can only assume that this is because there is still a lack of blonde hair dye in the LA area thanks to the ladies of Big Brother 17.

In addition to the four (speculated) returning houseguests, you may notice two familiar faces in the group of 12 newbies, as the Season of the Siblings will be in full effect. Big Brother 16’s Cody Califiore and Big Brother 17’s Vanessa Ruosso, both have siblings on BB18, and both are spitting images of themselves.

While the CBS pre-season interview and bio are basically worthless, and hardly tools in which to judge who will do well in the game, I am doing it anyway. Will the boys of the Big Brother 18 house form yet another male dominated alliance (likely), or will the Big Brother ladies FINALLY be able to get their act together and form a successful all female alliance (unlikely). Regardless of their gender, their ethnicity, or their DNA, the cast of Big Brother 18 is locked, loaded, and ready to give viewers a thrilling summer.

Without further adieu, the cast of Big Brother 18, ranked in order of LEAST likely, to MOST likely to take home the $500,000 prize after the longest 99 days of their lives.

12. Natalie Negrotti

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Natalie is a 26 year old Event Coordinator originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Natalie is gung-ho on forming an all girl alliance, and therefore, Natalie will be on the chopping block in week 1.

The only way a female alliance will ever work on Big Brother again, is if it is formed half way through the game. Any all-female alliance formed in week 1 will certainly be sniffed out by the guys. If Natalie doesn’t switch up her strategy and refrain from being the leader of the girls alliance, she will be gone immediately. Her best bet will be to get in a showmance to keep her safe for a few weeks. Then, once the jury stage of the game comes, stab her showmance in the back, get all the remaining girls together, and be the driving force behind an all-girl final 4. Is Natalie, who is NOT a big fan of the show, capable of doing that? No. She is not.

Need 21 MORE reason why Natalie won’t win….. here is an excerpt from her bio on

Favorite activities: I love painting, cooking, baking, eating, napping, shopping, online shopping, doing makeup, doing hair, tanning, pageants, dancing, going on dates, playing with puppies, looking at puppy videos on Instagram and online, party planning, decorating, having tea time, getting dressed-up, doing my nails, and bargain shopping!

No need to worry Natalie. You will be back home and looking at puppy videos on Instagram and online, in no time.

FINAL PREDICTION: Second evicted, but not after a week long fling with Paulie or Victor that they both hope to continue outside of the house. Until, that is, they get out of the house and realize there are way better options waiting for them.


11. Bronte  D’Acquisto

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You literally can not make this stuff up. Bronte is a 26 year old student that is studying to become a mathematician. Jeff takes advantage of this during her interview, and asks her the most difficult multiplication problem that he actually knows the answer to.

Jeff: “What’s 9×9?”
Bronte: “9×9? 89? I’m bad with math in my head. I’m not going to lie…… I know how to do it on my fingers.”

The video below is the full conversation, because it is too unbelievable to not watch for yourself. Also, full warning: brace yourself for a very “unique” voice.

Bronte better brush up on her multiplication skills, or there is no way her fellow houseguests will believe her when they tell her she is studying to be a mathematician. They will then suspect that she is covering up an even more menacing and/or threatening job, and she will find herself talking to Julie Chen before she can even comprehend what a 13-0 vote means.

FINAL PREDICTION: Bronte will be out in week 1, and if not, she will be dragged to the final 3, as there is no way she will be able to beat anybody that may be fortunate enough to sit next to her.


10. Victor Arroyo

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Victor says that the 3 adjectives that best describe him are “smart, sexy, and fit.” When someone can not even come up with 1 adjective that describes their personality, I am going to go ahead and assume that they have absolutely no personality. Additionally, he says that his life motto…. his LIFE MOTTO, is “Get my money, develop my body, and get women.” I fully expect Victor to have a bit of a meltdown the first time he is on slop, and unable to fuel the “machine” that he has worked so hard to attain.

Victor will be so focused on getting involved in a showmance that he will forget that he is playing a game for $500,000.

If the women can somehow get power week 1, Victor may be just cheesy, cocky, and arrogant enough that they make him their target, and send him back to Slidell, Louisiana where I am sure they will welcome back their fit, sexy, smart, gym manager, with big, huge, muscular, open arms.

FINAL PREDICTION: Victor’s eight pack will be the first set of male abs to walk out the front door.
9. Glenn Garcia

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While Glenn could easily be the frontrunner for being evicted in the first 2 weeks, if he can fit in with the younger crowd and find a safe place in a tight alliance, he should easily float to the jury.

The former police detective turned dog groomer from the Bronx says that he will not go down without a fight should he find himself on the chopping block. My prediction is that when he does find himself on the block, it will likely be as a pawn. His overreaction, and paranoia, will quickly turn him from pawn to target to evictee.

However, in one of the most bizarre pre interview statements in Big Brother history, Glenn informs us that he will not be opposed to flirting his way to a spot in the finals. Based on the way he obsessively hounded Jeff about his impending wedding to Jordan, if Glenn attempts to flirt with anyone in the house, he will very quickly find himself coming on to Julie Chen, and telling her how beautiful she is on a Thursday night in the very near future.

FINAL PREDICTION: Glenn will be out in week 1 or he will be 5th place.


8. Jozea Flores

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Jozea is a Frankie Grande superfan that recently got into Big Brother. He was far and away the most boring houseguest in his pre season interview, which could be a good thing for him. He should not be a major target, but also, will not make any major moves. He will fade into the background and let his alliance take charge.

My conversation with the Dunkin Donut’s drive-thru lady at 6:45am is more lively than the conversation Jozea and Jeff had in his interview. If Jozea can not muster a bit more energy and enthusiasm, he will come across as not wanting to be there, and that will end up being his downfall.

FINAL PREDICTION: Jozea will very unceremoniously be voted out right before the jury.


7. Zakiyah Everette

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Zakiyah is a pre-school teacher, and Big Brother superfan that has been watching since season 3. According to her demeanor, likable personality, and stunning beauty, I immediately thought of Zakiyah to be a front runner to win the whole game.


….. then Zakiyah began talking about how much she wants to get involved in a showmance. Additionally, she said that she “hopes to have options.”

Zakiyah’s downfall will either be that she flirts with all the guys, and she ends up becoming the other girls’ target. Or, the more likely option, she will end up in a showmance, and then become the target of the entire house.

FINAL PREDICTION: If Zakiyah can keep it in her pants and forget about a showmance, she will win the game. She won’t be able to do that, and will be the first member of the jury.


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