Classic Car Show Rolls into Misquamicut Beach

Classic Car Show from Ryan Jacobson on Vimeo.

Misquamicut Beach’s weekly Classic Car Cruise Nights is underway, another indication that summer is in full effect in Westerly, Rhode Island. The sounds of the fifties and sixties blast through the air, blending with the crashing of ocean waves. Despite the cooler temps and cloudy conditions, there was a decent turnout for the first show of the summer.

Continuing the yearly tradition, Atlantic Beach Park’s east lot becomes a classic car lover’s dream every Thursday night starting this week, and continuing throughout the summer.

“Of all the classic car shows I attend, the one in Misquamicut is by far my favorite,” says Sean Doyle of Cumberland, RI.

Doyle, along with many others, made the hour trip to Misquamicut, just to attend opening night of the car show.

“I try to get down at least once a month from May to September,” says Doyle, who has been enjoying the car show for the past three years after he attended his first show in July of 2012, on a recommendatio

n from a friend.

The event, presented by the Misquamicut Beach Association and hosted by DJ Mike English from 102.3 The Wolf, includes the opportunities to win prizes, as well as a 50/50 raffle, with proceeds going to the Westerly Warm Shelter.

“The classic car cruise nights brings in car enthusiasts from near and far, and is one of the most popular weekly events we have throughout the summer,” says Lou Trefes, owner of the East Lot. He also added, “As the weather conditions improve, more and more people make the trek to the beach to attend the show.”

The Classic Car Cruise Nights is a great opportunity for car enthusiasts in the New England area to socialize and share their passion for classic cars, while enjoying the beautiful views of Misquamicut Beach.

6 Alternative Rock Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

From seasoned vets back from hiatus, to front men going solo, and everything in between, the world of Alternative Rock is littered with hidden gems that may never make it to mainstream radio.
If you have not yet heard any of the following tracks, it is highly recommended that you do so immediately.

6. “Great Big Storm” – Nate Ruess

It seems that everything Nate Ruess touches turns to gold. The sophmore album for his band, Fun., “Some Nights“, has been certified Gold or Platinum in eight countries, and spawned four massive hits. He has found tremendous success in collaborating with some of the biggest names in music (i.e. P!nk and Enimen), and has now branched out on a solo career, which has already led to his first single, “Nothing Without Love” racing up the charts.

It is “Great Big Storm,” however, that has the

potential to be one of Ruess’ biggest success stories to date. After just a few listens, you will likely find it impossible to not sing along with Ruess during the refrain, which almost sounds like he started an impromptu rock concert with a native African tribe in a remote region of Kenya. As Ruess assures us, he is “holding his own, in a great big storm”, and you can expect to hear “Storm” on just about every rock/pop radio station by the end of the summer, as his debut album, Grand Romantic, is set to drop on June 16th.


5. “Sedona” – Houndmouth

Houndmouth – Sedona (courtesy of HoundmouthVEVO)                                       January 20, 2015

Even though “Sedona” was released earlier this year, and Houndmouth has been around since 2011, it seems to have not received much radio play for some reason. It would be a crying shame if this beauty of a song fades into obscurity without getting the recognition it deserves. A true tale sign of a reamrkable song is when it takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. The first half of “Sedona” is so easy going, and lead singer, Matt Myers’ voice is so soothing, that you could listen to it while falling asleep at night, and you would likely drift into a blissful slumber.

At the 3:00 mark, however, “Sedona” transitions from a happy-go-lucky ditty, to an all out rock anthem. The contrast between the first three minutes to the last 45 seconds, is what makes this a true Alternative Rock masterpiece, and makes Myers and Houndmouth, a force to be reckoned with.


4. “Songs I Can’t Listen To” – Neon Trees

There are few lead men in Alternative Rock today that is more genuine and relatable than Tyler Glenn, lead singer of Neon Trees. While you should never wallow in someone else’s relationship mishaps, any true rock fan secretly thanks the Lord that Glenn has had less than amicable breakups. “Songs I Can’t Listen To” is the latest end-of-relationship rock gem from Neon Trees, and who does not have at least one song makes you sweat because it reminds you of someone from your past that you no longer are on speaking terms with?

“And it’s all because of you. I got a list of songs, I can’t listen to. And it’s all because we’re through, I got a list of songs I can’t listen to.”

While Neon Trees may never again attain the success they had with “Everybody Talks”, they continue to produce fun, energetic music, and have solidified their place in the world of alt. rock.


3. “Everything is Easy” – Third Eye Blind

It has been a long, grueling six years for die hard Third Eye Blind fans, and if “Everything is Easy” is any indication, the wait may have been worth it. In a press release for their upcoming album Dopamine, the band says the following…

“Employing signature guitar riffs and rock arrangements, Dopamine is vintage Third Eye Blind – a body of work whose songwriting details the personal relationships that have come and gone and the rapidly changing world we live in. A lot can change in six years, and while the sound has progressed, the recordings retain the endearing sentiment Third Eye Blind fans new and old have come to love.”

Despite “Non-Dairy Creamer” being a mild radio success, it has been 12 years since the band has had a bonafide radio hit. “Blinded” reached #35 on the Alternative Rock chart back in 2003, and you would have to go all the way back to 2000 to see Third Eye Blind’s name on the Billboard Top 100, with their hit “Deep Inside of You.” “Everything is Easy” is fun, catchy, and radio friendly, and could be exactly what Stephen Jenkins, Brad Hargreaves, and their seemingly endless changing line-up need to kick start their band.

2. “Only Love” – Mumford & Sons

When Mumford & Sons announced that on their new album, Wilder Mind they were going to stray from their folk rock sound, the alternative rock world was all abuzz. If they were going to trade in their banjo for an acoustic guitar, would they still stand out from the crowd, or would they blend in which the rest of the alt rock bands currently on the scene?

“Only Love,” in addition to the bands first two releases from the album, “Believe” and “The Wolf” has assured fans that Mumford & Sons are still the unique one-of-a-kind band that they have come to know and love.

As with many Mumford songs, every ounce of Marcus Mumford’s emotions are bleeding through the track. And with a hook of only 17 words, Mumford & Sons proves that sometimes less can be more.

“And you saw me low
Alone again
Didn’t they say that only love will win in the end”

It is abundantly clear that fans, and critics alike, still have nothing but love for Mumford & Sons, and banjo or not, the band is capable of producing an album full of hits.

1. “I Still Want You” – Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers sophomore album, The Desired Effect, was widely regarded as one of the most anticipated albums of 2015, and he did not disappoint. Flowers, the mastermind behind the rock band The Killers, has garnered more positive reviews than just about any other album so far this year.

The best straight-up pop album made by a rock star in recent memory.” – Rolling Stone

“The other predicted effect of the album? A desire to play it repeatedly.”

“It’s Flowers’ unique presence–equal parts Wild West underdog and glitzy glam messiah–that really transforms Effect’s Reagan-era throwbacks into forward-thinking Instagram-age rock.”

Every track on the album could be considered a “must listen to song,” but the song, and accompanying video for “Still Want You” is so much fun that it gets the spot over the other songs on the ten track album. “Still Want You” uses the most negative societal issues as a contrast to how much he still loves his subject. Despite all of these awful, terrible things that the world is going through, I still want you, says Flowers.

“Time is passing by
I still want you
Crime is on the rise
I still want you
Climate change is dead
I still want you
Nuclear distress
I still want you
The Earth is heating up
I still want you
Hurricanes and floods
I still want you
Even more than I did before”

As critics and fans agree, Brandon is still very much wanted, even more than he ever was before.


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Volvo Ocean Race Brings Thousands to Newport

Volvo Ocean Race from Ryan Jacobson on Vimeo.

The world’s toughest ocean sailing race has made its way to Rhode Island for a 13 day pit stop. When all is said and done, the 9-12 person crews on each of the seven yachts, will have traveled nearly 40,000 miles, over the course of nearly ten months.

Newport, Rhode Island had the privilege to host the only pit stop in the United States. During the 13 days, from May 5 to May 13, over 125,000 people made their way to Fort Adams State Park to take part in the festivities.

“We are just blown away by the final visitor number,” said Brad Read, executive director of Sail Newport.

Attendees were able to meet with the skippers, sailors, and crew members. On certain days, some lucky fans were even able to take a ride on one of the yachts.

There was no shortage of things to do at the Volvo Ocean Race. Aside from the sailors and yachts, Fort Adams State Park was transformed into a sailing fans paradise. Interactive exhibits, such as the Volvo Bus, and the Volvo Park Assist Pilot Activity, were big hits. There was even a Volvo Kids Pedal activity for the younger sailing fans.

After snapping pictures of the yachts, many adults headed over to the rock climbing wall, zip line, the Heineken Docks Beer Garden, or Mt. Gay Rum Bar, as they were popular destinations on the island.

Live entertainment from stars from NBC’s The Voice, included Rhode Island’s own Sarah Potenza, and local Massachusetts native, Anita Antoinette.

The Volvo Ocean Race is currently heading across the Atlantic Ocean to their next stop, in Lisbon, Portugal. It is projected that the yachts will take ten days to arrive in Lisbon between May 23 and May 27, before reaching the finish line in late June in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For more information on the race, visit