Preparing for Another Season at the Windjammer

In just a few weeks, the Windjammer Surf Bar will open it’s doors for the summer. In an on-going struggle to remain a competitor in the beach bar scene we interviewed the owner, and manager of the Windjammer, Sally Trefes Sorensen, to see what this summer will bring for returning locals, and Windjammer newbies that are experiencing the bar for the first time.

“The Windjammer is a laid-back, easy-going establishment that focuses on the patrons having fun, and enjoying their time off” says Trefes Sorensen. “From loyal customers that live in the area, to “annual regulars” that visit the bar as a yearly tradition, the Windjammer is a summertime favorite, and a home away form home.”

This summer, the “Jammer”, as referred to by many of the locals, will test the waters with new themed nights, and exciting events. With both outdoor, and indoor bars, the Windjammer is accommodating for any New England weather scenario.

Mondays will continue to be “Mondays Minis” which offers patrons $1 mini bud, bud lights, and bug light limes.
On Tuesdays the Windjammer will host cribbage/pitch tournaments.
Wednesdays will be devoted to Bar Bingo, with host DJ Chris Caswell, of Trivia Time USA.
On Thursdays, the Windjammer will try its hand at karaoke.
And Frid

ays and Saturdays will continue to be half-priced appetizers.

As always, the Windjammer will continue to have live music on the outdoor patio on Saturdays and Sundays, and live bands inside on Friday and Saturday nights. Returning favorites, such as Jason Cardinal, Sugar, and Never Enuff, will again preform at the Windjammer this summer, as well as first time artists that are sure to get the crowd dancing, and singing along.

For more information on what else is happening at the Windjammer this summer, be sure to follow them on their Facebook page, or check out their website at

The Life of a Determined Musician

Joey Michel was accepted as a music major on a full scholarship to The University of Colorado in Denver for his talent in music recording, but after stumbling upon a new, unique acoustic sound from Andy McKee on YouTube,  he was inspired to focus his skills and passion on playing the guitar. Joey studied audio technology with an emphasis on jazz and performance arts.

After graduating, he then left Denver to live near his family in Westerly, Rhode Island. Since living here, he has been focusing on practicing and jamming with others who have been immersing themselves in the music business and are seasoned, live performers. It didn’t take long before he abandoned the structure and framework of his college education to adopt a grittier technique and raw quality that has allowed him to realize his dream and true calling.

Joey’s new goal is to move to Nashville and spend time

gigging with various influences to gain as much diversity as possible in order to become a well rounded artist that can play live, on recordings, and in the studio. Joey is currently teaching guitar lessons to inspire others to begin their own musical journey.



Musician, Joey Michael, walks home after a gig at Perks and Corks in Westerly, RI in the early morning hours of April 7th, 2015, as he continues to make a name for himself in the industry. (Photo by Ryan Jacobson/Full Sail University)


Joey Michel, practicing his music at his apartment in Westerly, RI after a late night performance on April 7th, 2015. (Photo by Ryan Jacobson/Full Sail University)


Joey focuses on his precise technique, at his apartment in Westerly, RI, honed by practicing small sections over and over. (Photo by Ryan Jacobson/Full Sail University)


Joey spends countless hours practicing his accuracy and speed while playing difficult chords. (Photo by Ryan Jacobson/Full Sail University)

Joey Michael 1

Joey Michel enjoys a coveted, live performance in Westerly, RI, responding to the energy provided by his excited crowd. (Photo by Ryan Jacobson/Full Sail University)

If you would like to learn more about Joey Michel, please follow him on his Facebook page at Joey Michel Music, or his website at Joey Michel Music