Welcome to Ryan’s Countdowns!!!

Welcome to Ryan’s Countdowns! The purpose of this website is for you to be able to access current, honest, humorous countdowns about the latest and greatest from television, music, hot travel spots, the best bars/restaurants around, and much more.


Ryan’s Countdowns is a place you can come to read all about the best new music. Have you been stuck listening to your child’s “Frozen” soundtrack for the past 8 months, and not been able to listen to music that you, and other adults your age enjoy? Ryan’s Countdowns will tell you the must listen to music from the past year, and the music you need to be listening to right now.


Are you the only person in your office that watches Hell’s Kitchen and you have nobody to talk to about the latest chef that has been sent packing? Do you think there is NO WAY that Darryl will die on The Walking Dead, and you need confirmation that other people feel the same way? Come to Ryan’s Countdowns and read the power rankings from this week’s Hell’s Kitchen and see who Ryan thinks will be sent packing next. And read his The Walking Dead¬†countdown about who he thinks is making it through the zombie apocalypse, and who is quite literally, a dead man walking.


Want to know the top hot spots from a getaway location that you are planning on visiting? Ryan’s Countdowns will offer you the best places that need to be visited, and inform you of the spots that you will want to avoid at all costs. Ryan will scour the nation and the globe offering up the best of the best in the places you want to travel to before you die.



Ryan’s Countdowns will share with you the best bars/restaurants in various cities all over the country, and the world. Want to know how many of the 80 beers on tap are worth trying at that popular watering hole in San Francisco? Ryan’s Countdowns has the answer. Want to visit a vineyard on the Connecticut Wine Trail but are not sure which one to choose? Ryan’s Countdowns will point you in the right direction. Ryan will spend days upon days tasting every wine in the region, again and again, just so you don’t have to. What a guy.

Are you planning on going to a location that Ryan will be heading to? Shoot him an email, or leave him a comment and he will do his best to check out the bar/winery/brewery that you are considering visiting and let you know if it is worth your while.